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The LCA discussion list is a platform to discuss issues related to life cycle assessments. In this highly active user-community you can ask questions, request data and make contributions with respect to SimaPro, LCA methodology, data, and LCA events.

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Training courses are held regularly in Cape Town. We offer a range of courses on LCA, product carbon footprinting and SimaPro. Scopes vary from one-day, basic introductory courses, to comprehensive, multi-day courses that cover the advanced features of SimaPro

Our next training course in partnership with the University of Cape Town (UCT) will be held virtually (due to Covid restrictions) from 13-23 September 2021. The virtual course will include six half-day sessions and is a registered 3-day CPD certificate course.

Currently the 2021 brochure is unavailable, but please download the 2020 course flyer for an indication of course outlines and prices. Alternatively please contact us directly for additional information.

Our “Effective LCA with SimaPro” course is built up in modules, and provides:

  • A thorough grounding in the aims and principles of product carbon footprinting and LCA
  • Practical applications of LCA and carbon footprinting through hands-on case studies
  • Complex aspects of LCA models showcasing the advanced modelling features of SimaPro.

Participants can attend as many modules as they wish, or can build up incrementally on their SimaPro expertise (i.e. not all modules have to be attended at one time).

The basic modules cover the following topics:

  • Getting started with LCA: Basic concepts and the importance of planning (goal and scope definition)
  • Inventory analysis: Devising and implementing a data collection strategy (including data quality indicators), selecting and using generic LCI databases, the importance of consistency in data sources.
  • Managing data in SimaPro: Libraries and projects.
  • Inventory analysis: How to model a life cycle in SimaPro – using processes and product stages, waste scenarios and life cycles.
  • Impact assessment: How to select an appropriate method and how to apply this in SimaPro.
  • Analysing and interpreting results, including the importance of sensitivity and scenario analyses.

The advanced modules cover the following topics:

  • Uncertainty in LCA: The theory of incorporating uncertainty in LCA models (managing and estimating uncertainty), and the practice of modelling uncertainty with SimaPro (Monte Carlo simulations) and the pedigree matrix.
  • Hybrid LCA: Using input-output LCA databases to fill data gaps in process LCA models.
  • Advanced modelling features of SimaPro: Modelling with parameters (the smart way to conduct scenario analyses),
  • Advanced modelling features of SimaPro: Modelling complex waste management scenarios (disassembly and disposal scenarios, reuse and recycling),
  • Advanced data management features: How to create libraries, export databases, keep your data clean etc.)

Our philosophy is that the best way to learn is through doing, so all modules involve practical hands-on exercises. A free time-limited licence for SimaPro is provided for the training.

Our 2-day “Effective LCA with SimaPro” course will leave you equipped to interpret the results of LCA studies, as well as to effectively tackle your own LCA models in SimaPro.

In House Training

We can organise training on LCA and/or SimaPro at your organisation. Courses can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to focus on the issues most relevant to your organisation. Training can even be conducted with a case study of your choice, that is, a real-world problem that is relevant to your organisation. Courses are built up in modules, allowing you to start with basic LCA training and follow up with optional modules on advanced SimaPro features. A 2-day course will leave you equipped to effectively tackle your own LCA problems with SimaPro. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

The Green House Trainers

Our consultants are uniquely positioned to provide you with a practical and in-depth understanding of LCA and SimaPro. They use SimaPro in their every-day work, so are able to impart the “tips and tricks” one gains from working with a particular software platform, and also with working in the South African and African context. They are also skilled trainers with experience in providing graduate-level courses at universities, summer schools, workshops and conferences.

Powerful Features

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Comprehensive Databases

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