SimaPro Partner Network

The Green House is a primary partner of the SimaPro Partner Network and cooperates closely with this global community of LCA professionals. With a wide range of expertise available, we can offer you unparalleled services and facilitate large international or multi-client projects.


Austria ESU-Services
Belgium Pré Consultants
Denmark 2.-0 LCA Consultants
Finland Miljögiraff
France EVEA
Germany ESU-Services
Italy 2B
Lichtenstein ESU-Services
Luxembourg Pré Consultants
Norway Asplan Viak
Spain Lavola
Sweden Miljögiraff
Switzerland ESU-Services
The Netherlands Pré Consultants
Turkey Metsims
United Kingdom SimaPro UK


Argentina Cliope
Brazil ACV Brasil
Canada LTS Experts
Central America Cadis
Chile Regenerativa
Colombia Cadis
Mexico Cadis
USA LTS Experts
Venezuela Cadis


China Ecovane
Hong Kong Ecovane
India SIPL Pvt. Ltd.
Indonesia Life Cycle Indonesia
Japan TCO2
Republic of Korea KMA Korea Management Association
Sri Lanka SIPL Pvt. Ltd.
Taiwan R.O.C Ixon
Thailand LCM Consultancy


Australia Life Cycle Strategies
New Zealand Life Cycle Strategies

Middle East

United Arab Emirates SIPL Pvt. Ltd.
Kuwait SIPL Pvt. Ltd.

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