The SimaPro Family

SimaPro is available in both professional and educational versions. Each of the versions is available as a single user or, if you work in teams, as a multi-user network version.

SimaPro Professional

SimaPro comes in 4 professional versions

  • SimaPro Direct is the fastest way to getting started with LCA. With the help of a custom-configured LCA model created by experts, you can start calculating your LCA results immediately and gain insight in the impact of your products.
  • SimaPro Analyst allows you to model detailed LCA studies and is designed for the LCA expert, with advanced analytical features such as parameters and Monte Carlo analysis.
  • SimaPro Developer is designed to create dedicated LCA tools with extended features such as direct Excel/ASP linking, wizard writing options and COM interface.
  • SimaPro Share & Collect is an interactive, web-based platform that makes it easy to share LCA-based scenarios with business stakeholders who need them, and to collect data from suppliers and other stakeholders.

The following table gives an overview of the differences between the versions:

Product Feature




Share & Collect

Compatible with Report Maker add-on checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Parameterised modelling (Scenario Analysis)  checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Monte Carlo simulations checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Advanced results analysis checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Import data (CSV, SP database format) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Export data (CSV, SP database format) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Export data (.xls and .txt format) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Import/Export Ecospold format checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Edit systems descriptions checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Direct Excel/ASP links checkmark checkmark checkmark
Excel scenario calculator checkmark checkmark checkmark
Library switch checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Tree view checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Save inventory data as system processes checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Export to matrix  checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Multi user checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hide confidential data checkmark checkmark
Wizard development checkmark checkmark
2 Way COM interface checkmark checkmark
Share results with non-SimaPro users checkmark
Build and share scenarios checkmark
Create, view and track surveys checkmark
Access to content library checkmark

SimaPro Analyst is the most popular version and offers the best feature set for most users.

Multi-User versions

Each of the above is available as multi-user versions. SimaPro’s unique Multi-User feature allows several people to simultaneously work on the same project in one shared central database (even if they are in different parts of the world). The Multi-User version has the same features as a single-user version, but is extended with data management features:

  • To ensure sound database management, the database manager controls access to the database by other users.
  • To ensure data integrity, only the manager can edit data in the libraries. Other users can use the library data, but are not able to edit them. The manager can create project managers, who then have similar rights as the manager, allowing them to edit projects and libraries.

SimaPro Educational

SimaPro comes in 3 educational versions

  • SimaPro Classroom is a multi-user version ideal for teaching. A total of 40 students can work on the same project and database. By logging in as a manager, the lecturer can follow the progress of his or her students. SimaPro Classroom is available as an indefinite licence or temporary licence for 12 months.
  • SimaPro Faculty is a single user version ideal for those wishing to learn LCA. SimaPro Faculty is only available as a temporary licence for 6 or 12 months. After it expires the software will run as a demo version. Data can still be accessed. Registering with a new code will revive the software.
  • SimaPro PhD is the advanced single user version ideal for research and post-graduate projects. SimaPro PhD supports advanced features such as parameters and Monte Carlo analysis. It is available as an indefinite licence or temporary licence for 12 months.

Educational versions are for teaching and university research use only. For paid research and consultancy type projects, a professional version must be selected.

The additional features of the PhD version are shown in the table below.

Product Feature


Parameterised modelling (Scenario Analysis)  checkmark
Monte Carlo simulations checkmark
Export data (CSV, SP database format) checkmark
Library editing checkmark
Move project data to library checkmark
Data quality indicator system checkmark
Edit system descriptions checkmark
Advanced results analysis checkmark
Display networks as tree checkmark
Import/Export EcoSpold format checkmark

Report Maker

SimaPro Report Maker is a new tool that allows you to create graphs and tables in MS Word and MS Excel and keep them updated as you change your model and data in SimaPro.

Report Maker is an add-on for SimaPro that saves users a lot of time by automatically updating tables and graphs in Word and Excel documents, achieved by copying and pasting a link from SimaPro into Word or Excel. The link contains all information necessary to redo the calculation with the right methods, filter options etc.

When changes are made in the life cycle model in SimaPro, users can simply update the results in their documents by clicking a button in the SimaPro Ribbon bar in Word or Excel.

Ideal for EPDs, carbon footprints, recurring reports: An advanced feature of Report Maker is the option to create templates for EPDs or other recurring reports and generate these automatically from parameterized models using the “Import parameters from Excel” feature (Developer version only).

Report Maker is available for all indefinite professional licences and the indefinite SimaPro PhD. A valid service contract at the time of purchase is required. For Multi-User versions the number of Report Maker licences must be equal to the number of SimaPro users.

Report Maker will only work with MS Office 2007 and 2010

Trial period: Install Report Maker and experience the full functionality for 30 days. To keep on using Report Maker after that you will have to purchase a licence.

Free 6 Month Faculty Licence

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