The SimaPro Family

SimaPro is available in both business and educational versions. Each of the versions is available as a single user or, if you work in teams, as a multi-user network version.

SimaPro Business

SimaPro comes in two versions

  • SimaPro Expert User Package  is designed for the LCA expert who needs powerful modelling and assessment features. This version includes a SimaPro Analyst licence and allows you to model detailed LCA studies, with advanced analytical features such as process and project parameters and Monte Carlo analysis. Import and export your data in different formats. Available as both a one year subscription and a perpetual licence.
  • SimaPro Power User Package comprising of the most comprehensive SimaPro Developer version, was designed for the expert LCA practitioners and researchers. It has advanced features, such as direct Excel/ASP linking, and its COM interfacing allows you to create dedicated LCA tools. Available as both a one year subscription and a perpetual licence.

The table below summarises some of the major differences between the two versions

Expert User Package Power User Package
Licence SimaPro Analyst licence SimaPro Developer licence
Import/export data
Process and project parameters
Library editing  
Monte Carlo analysis
Scenario analysis  
Collect, Share
Report Maker
Direct Excel/ASP linking
COM interfacing for user interface development
Hide confidential data  
Analysis of groups

SimaPro Expert User Package is the most popular version and offers the best feature set for most users.

Multi-user versions

Each of the above is available as multi-user versions. SimaPro’s unique multi-user feature allows several people to simultaneously work on the same project in one shared central database (even if they are in different parts of the world). The multi-user version has the same features as a single-user version, but is extended with data management features:

  • To ensure sound database management, the database manager controls access to the database by other users.
  • To ensure data integrity, only the manager can edit data in the libraries. Other users can use the library data, but are not able to edit them. The manager can create project managers, who then have similar rights as the manager, allowing them to edit projects and libraries.

SimaPro Business User Package

This package is designed to make your data collection more efficient and enable you to view, compare and share results. You don’t need access to SimaPro software – an LCA practitioner can set up a model for you. With Business User, you get direct access to the expertise through your model. Skip a big part of the learning curve and start delivering LCA results right away.

This version includes one of the interactive and intuitive web-based tools – Collect or Share – which will facilitate the collaboration with members of your supply chain or internal departments. With Collect and Share tools, product designers can choose the most environmentally friendly design option. Purchasing departments can screen suppliers for environmental impact. Marketing experts can communicate brand value to customers. And the sustainability director can use the high-level results from all these departments to build a strong business case for sustainability.

SimaPro Educational

SimaPro comes in 3 educational versions

  • SimaPro Classroom is a basic version of SimaPro for teachers and students. Up to 40 students can work on the same project and database simultaneously, and you can follow the progress of your students by logging in as a manager. This licence is available as a perpetual licence and includes a free one-year service contract and various databases.
  • SimaPro Faculty is a basic version of SimaPro for education. It comes as a single-user version (only one person can access a database or project at a time), but it can be installed on all Windows computers of your department’s students and staff. It is only available as a one-year licence. After it expires, the software will run as a demo version: you can still access your data and make calculations, but cannot make any changes. The licence includes a one-year service contract, ecoinvent and other databases.
  • SimaPro PhD was designed for the LCA prac­titioner who needs advanced modelling and assessment features. It has everything you need to do your research. SimaPro PhD is single-user: only one person can work on the same database and project at a time. This licence is available as a one-year subscription or as a perpetual licence and includes a free one-year service contract and various databases.

Educational versions are for teaching and university research use only. For paid research and consultancy type projects, a professional version must be selected.

The additional features of the PhD version are shown in the table below.

Product Feature


Import/export data checkmark
Scenario analysis  checkmark
Monte Carlo analysis checkmark
Library editing checkmark
Move project data to library checkmark
Display networks as tree checkmark

Report Maker



SimaPro Report Maker is a tool that allows you to create graphs and tables in MS Word and MS Excel and keep them up-to-date as you change your model and data in SimaPro.

Report Maker is included in the business licences of Power User and Expert User and with the educational PhD licence (both temporary and perpetual).

Report Maker is only compatible with MS Office 2010 and later.

Powerful Features

SimaPro has all the features you would expect in a professional LCA software View Features

Comprehensive Databases

SimaPro includes many inventory databases and impact assessment methods to choose from Learn More

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